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I'm a collector from the old Vestron Video (International) Vhs tapes. I know there's a lot out there, so collecting everything is impossible. But if you have full scans from Vestron films, pictures from films , or something else please send it to me on vestronvideo@hotmail.com. Once I have Enough I will create a site that can be used as a Vestron Video database ( like the U.K. Cannon site - See Link ) Scans/ Pictures provided by others will be mentioned by name/ Link. Thanks in Advance Sincerely Dan

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blue Sunshine

Blue Sunshine

N° : VA 4124

Year : 1984

Country : U.S.A.

Running time : 94 minutes

Actors : Zalman King, Deborah Winters, Mark Goddard, Ann Cooper

Director : Jeff Lieberman

Story : A group of college kids who took some experimental LSD suffer the side effects ten years later. One by one, their hair falls out and they go into a homicidal psychotic state of mind.

Trailer uploaded by Brujaria

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