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Monday, September 21, 2009

Deathstalker II

Deathstalker II

aka : Deathstalker : Duo of the Titans

N° : 5213

Year : 1987

Running time : 85 minutes

Actors : John Terlesky, Monique Gabriel, John Lazar, Maria Socas

Director : Jim Wynorski

Story : Deathstalker helps Reena the Seer out of a few jams, and she solicits his help for a bigger task. She reveals that she is actually Princess Evie, but the evil sorcerer had her abducted and cloned in order to seize control of the kingdom. Together they travel to the evil sorcerer's stronghold to restore the princess to her rightful position, encountering challenges along the way both from the sorcerer's goons and the fierce Amazon women.

Big thanks to Seth from Lost Video Archive for the scan

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