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Sunday, October 19, 2008



N° : 54357

Year : 21-04-1986

Country : Begium & The Netherlands

Running time : 88 minutes

Actors : John Davies, Laura Lane, Matthew Sacks, Janet Six, Arne Strand

Director : Andy Anderson

Story : On a quiet college campus, professor Hobson learns from the dean that a secret society based around hacking has been causing some trouble. Before Hobson can do much investingating, however, he learns that Bobby, one of his star students (and also an active hacker) has been killed. Although Hobson discovers that there really is a secret hacking society that has turned itself into a vigilante gang, he now has the more pressing task of proving to the police that he didn't kill Bobby himself. Will he be able to get to the bottom of this mystery before he gets thrown in jail?


Dean said...

Enig idee waar ik deze nog op de kop kan tikken? Er is zelfs geen torrent van te vinden...

Dan said...

Hallo Dean, Ik vrees dat dit heel moeilijk zal zijn. Ik heb hem in al die jaren nog maar 1 keer tegengekomen, en die zit nu in mijn collectie