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Friday, July 11, 2008

Order of The Black Eagle

Order of The Black Eagle

N° : 57120 / 87120

Year : 1988

Country : Belgium & The Netherlands

Running time : 93 minutes

Actors : Ian Hunter, Charles K. Bibby, William T. Hicks, Jill Donnelan

Director : Worth Keeter
story : What were they thinking when this film was made? My only hope was that tongue was firmly planted in cheek. If not, then this movie is pretty bad. Chock full of cliche's, this James Bond wannabe has got it all and more. You know you have a winner, when Duncan Jax is introduced to his support team and they all have descriptive nicknames (e.g. Blade is the knife expert, Wires - explosive expert, Crusher - the big bruiser, etc...). My favorite scene is during the raid on the neo-Nazi camp (Nazis are important for this kind of film) and one of the Nazis rides an ATV behind a tent, there are sounds of bones breaking and the Nazi flies out in front of the tent and lands of the ground, then one of our heroes rides out from behind the tent on the ATV and for good measure runs over the Nazi's head. How could someone write this with a straight face. I won't even mention some of the other hilarious scenes but if you can find this on late cable or satellite (I don't think this film merits a trip to the video store) consider watching it.
( source IMDB - Author Brian Ellis)

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