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I'm a collector from the old Vestron Video (International) Vhs tapes. I know there's a lot out there, so collecting everything is impossible. But if you have full scans from Vestron films, pictures from films , or something else please send it to me on vestronvideo@hotmail.com. Once I have Enough I will create a site that can be used as a Vestron Video database ( like the U.K. Cannon site - See Link ) Scans/ Pictures provided by others will be mentioned by name/ Link. Thanks in Advance Sincerely Dan

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Lost Empire

The Lost Empire

N° : La 9520

Year : 1985

Running time : 86 minutes

Country : USA

Actors : Melanie Vincz, Raven de la Croix, Angela Ames

Director : Jim Wynorski

Story : In a land in a distant past, three beautiful women, members of a lost tribe, battle a male genius with diabolical plans to destroy their "Lost Empire." If the victor can find the sacred jewels, they can anticipate total power. (source IMDB)
Thanks to VHS Wasteland for letting me use the scan

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